Coronavirus: Information, Resources, and Updates for New Mexico’s Local Food and Farming Community

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Whether you are new to farm food safety concepts or looking to sell to schools, senior centers, or early childhood sites through the New Mexico Grown Approved Supplier Program, the NMFMA's Tiered Food Safety Training program will help you prepare. These trainings are based upon the NMFMA's Minimum Standards and Expected Outcomes (PDF) for qualifying training programs.

The NMFMA currently offers the following trainings:

1) Online Tiered Food Safety Training

At this time, both online and in-person trainings are offered and the method of hosting is chosen based on current COVID-19 gathering restrictions. Head over to our Trainings and Event page to see our current training schedule. These trainings meet the course requirement for the New Mexico Grown Approved Supplier Program for the 2022-2023 fiscal year (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023).

2) Open source viewing of the NMFMA's introductory food safety video modules

Watch these videos for a brief introduction to the different sections and applications of Food Safety on farms. These videos will be a part of the course if you choose to register for our online training but the ones below are for introductory purposes and will have no quizzes or course certificate after completion.


Part 1: Land Use

Part 2: Critters 

Part 3: Agricultural Water

Part 4: Workers

Part 5: Sanitation

Part 6: Traceability

3) In-person, on-farm Tiered Food Safety Trainings

Tier 1 Workshops: 

Farmers will leave the training with a basic understanding of what food safety Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) look like on a farm, and prepare to develop a Farm Risk Assessment or Food Safety Plan, if desired. 

Tier 2 Workshops: 

This workshop walks farmers through the process of completing a Farm Risk Assessment and Food Safety Plan. The plan will be customized to each farmer and their unique farm; it will act as each farms' operations manual to ensure continuous improvement and implementation of food safety practices.

Tier 3 Workshops: 

This is a one-on-one training for farmers wishing to complete GAP certification.

Looking for a Risk Assessment Template?

Farm Risk Assessment Fillable PDF – English 

(Note: After the PDF opens in a new tab, you must save it to your computer before filling it out.)

Farm Risk Assessment Fillable PDF – Spanish 

(Note: After the PDF opens in a new tab, you must save it to your computer before filling it out.)

Hub Risk Assessment Fillable Spreadsheet – English 

Visit the Training and Events page to see the current schedule and to register.