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Whether you are new to food safety concepts, would like to learn more about how the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) will impact you, or are thinking about having a third party audit, the NMFMA's Food Safety Training program will help you prepare. 

The NMFMA offers multiple trainings: 

Tier 1 Workshops: Farmers will leave the training with a basic understanding of what food safety Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) look like on a farm, and prepare to develop develop a Risk-Based Food Safety Plan, if desired. 

Tier 2 Workshops: This workshop walks farmers through the process of completing a Risk-Based Food Safety Plan. The plan will be customized to each farmer and their unique farm. it will act as each farms' operations manual to ensure continuous improvement and implementation of food safety practices. The completed Risk-Based Food Safetly Plan will be benchmarked to the Harmonized GAP standard, preparing farmers for future Tier 3 training.

View Tier 2 Workshop videos here.

Tier 3 Workshops: This is a one-on-one training for farmers wishing to complete GAP certification.

Visit the Training and Events page to see the current schedule and to register.