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The Seniors Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) is now offering Electronic Mobile and Shopper card benefits up to $50 to senior adults (over age 60) for Non-Native Americans and senior adults (over age 55) for Native Americans, who live in New Mexico, to buy locally grown fruits, vegetables, cut herbs, and honey from select farmers’ markets, mobile farmers’ markets, and roadside stands across the state."

CUSTOMER Eligibility & How to Apply

For customer eligibility and how to apply, please visit the New Mexico WIC website for SFMNP Seniors.

How do I sign my market up to be able to accept FMNP benefits?

Markets must first be authorized by the New Mexico Department of Health in order to be able to accept FMNP benefits. In order to be eligible, markets must:

  • Have at least three (3) farmer vendors
  • Operate from a permanent site for at least 6 consecutive weeks between July and October
  • Have a current market manager who is on site during market hours
  • Participate in annual trainings (this occurs at the annual NMFMA market manager conference)
  • Ensure that produce offered for sale is locally grown by the people who are selling it (no reselling is permitted according to the New Mexico State Plan submitted each year by the NMDOH to the federal government)
  • Submit a completed and signed market agreement to the Department of Health no later than April 17th of the current year (NMDOH will provide these at the NMFMA annual conference).

For more information and to apply, please visit the FMNP Markets & Vendors Resources from NM WIC.

How do I become an approved vendor?

Farmers who grow eligible items in the state of New Mexico, or within an 80 miles radius of a New Mexico farmers’ market if out-of-state, can apply to accept WIC and Senior benefits at participating New Mexico farmers’ markets. Farmers will need to sign an agreement with the Department of Health and be assigned an identification number by the farmers’ market manager. Agreements will need to be renewed every three years, but identification numbers are permanent. According to the New Mexico State Plan with the Federal government, these programs do not sell fruits and vegetables.

What types of foods can be sold in the program?

Fresh fruits and vegetables that are not processed beyond their natural state (aside from cleaning) are eligible to be sold to both WIC and Senior clients. This means that processed fruits and vegetables such as ristras or dried chile powder are not eligible. Additionally, Senior FMNP benefits may be used to purchase raw honey.

For more information about becoming an authorized NM Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program vendor, please call 505-469-0548 or .