Coronavirus: Information, Resources, and Updates for New Mexico’s Local Food and Farming Community

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Whether you are a new or experienced market manager, these resources will help you structure your market, increase customers, recruit vendors and effectively promote your market with the community.


Sample Market Bylaws

Read examples of Market Rules, Market Bylaws, Vendor Applications, and Vendor Agreements here.

Outreach Materials

Evaluation Tools

  • Tools for Rapid Market Assessments
    A project of the Oregon State University Extension Service

  • Sticky Economy Evaluation Device (SEED):
    Developed by Market Umbrella in New Orleans, the Sticky Economy Evaluation Device (SEED) provides user-friendly methods for estimating gross receipts, customer counts, where customers come from, how much they spend at nearby businesses, how frequently they shop at your market, and sales per square foot. SEED also contains a multiplier tool that can help you demonstrate how "sticky" your market dollars are in the local economy (sticky, as in they stick around and re-circulate).
Review a report for a SEED study that was conducted at Albuquerque growers' markets in 2012.

Access SEED (please note that you will need to create a username and password in order to access SEED). If you would like more information about how to use this evaluation tool, contact the NMFMA.


Promotional Products

  • New Mexico Farmers' Market Posters:
    New Mexico Farmers' Marketing Association
    (505) 983-4010
    Contact the NMFMA
    These are free for member markets

  • Market Baskets:
    Kruger's Baskets
    (503) 621-3484

  • NMDA "Taste the Tradition" Produce Bags, T-Shirt Bags, and Twist Ties:
    New Mexico Department of Agriculture
    Contact: Felicia Frost
    (575) 646-4929