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Market Data

Why collect market data?

There are many reasons collecting information about your farmers' market or farm stand is a good idea, and the NMFMA requires annual market data submissions from all member markets.

With market data, you can:

  • Track your market's progress over time

  • Measure your promotional efforts and make changes based on what works and what doesn't

  • Use sales and customer information to attract vendors

  • Show the local community, businesses, and government the impact of your market to garner their support

  • Evaluate your market schedule based on customer counts to determine if your market season should be shortened or extended, or if your market days should change

Every year, the NMFMA collects and compiles information from farmers' markets and farm stands about customer and vendor counts, sales, fees, etc. from all member markets. This information is critical for showing the growth of markets and the impact they have on their communities and local agriculture. We share this information with member outlets to help them self-evaluate and improve, as well as with legislators to garner support for markets around the state. Collecting data about your farmers' market or farm stand is an excellent exercise in evaluating your market and measuring its growth over time.

How to collect market data 

We have created instruction sheets to make it easy for farmers' market managers, mobile market managers, and farm stand owners to collect data throughout the season in preparation for filling out the market data form by December 31. The instruction sheets can be viewed and downloaded below:

  • Farmers' market and mobile market managers can download the instruction sheet here.

  • Farm stand and CSA owners can download the instruction sheet here.

  • Download the accompanying anonymous vendor sales tracker sheet here

Submitting your data form 

Please select the proper form depending upon if you are a farmers' market, a farm stand, or a CSA.

Farmers' Markets

  • Complete the form online  here (preferred)
  • Download, print, and mail in the form here. (Keep a copy for your records.)

Farm Stands & CSAs

  • Complete the form online here (preferred)
  • Download, print, and mail in the form here. (Keep a copy for your records.)